I will make a small note here when new songs arrive or something has been added to an already existing song. You won't find band news here - hop to one of the other sites listed in the links.

September, 6th 2017
Added Another Century from the forthcoming album Man Woman Life Death Infinity. Thanks, Stefan.

July, 22nd 2016
Added Miami. Thanks, Daniel.

June, 20th 2015
Added Laurel Canyon. Thanks, Stefan.

December, 19th 2014
New chords, thanks to Stefan, for the great and wonderful Pride Before a Fall.

December, 3rd 2013
Added Jonathan's transciption of Diviner.

November, 3rd 2013
Pierpaolo transcribed several songs: As You Will, Keeper, Refused On Temple St and Transmigration

April, 23h 2011
Christopher sent in the chords for Anchorage

May, 14th 2010
Added the chords for Day 5

May, 9th 2010
1st transcription of a song from the gorgeous Back With Two Beasts: Snowfaller. Thanks, Stefan!

October, 17th 2009
Gypsy Stomp is certainly one of the most obscure songs of The Church, nevertheless a great song. Glynnis just sent me sent me the chords for it. Thanks a lot! Moreover, I added parts of the chords for Operetta and Lunar. Finally, I grabbed Stefan's elaborated transcription of Nothing Seeker from the Hotel Womb forum (and made a little addition myself).

September, 18th 2009
I've put the chords online for all songs from the album Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy present - unseen music unheard words. A big thanks goes to Martin Kennedy who releaed them in his blog.

April, 5th 2009
Stefan sent me the weird but cool chords progression for Cobalt Blueprint. And I added the chords for Space Saviour.

March, 24th 2009
I figured out the chords for Sunken Sun. Enjoy!

March, 8th 2009
The next album Untitled #23 is almost there and, thanks to Stefan, the first two tabs have arrived already: Happenstance and Pangaea.

April, 6th 2008
Very strange: I always thought I had this song online here already, but it seems I skipped it when copying all the tabs and chords from Brian Smith's old Shadow Cabinet back in the old days. So here it is now: Brian Smith's transcription of The Egyptian. Additionally, Brian Avery sent in the chords for Till The Cows Come Home and a chorus correction for All I Know. Thanks!

March, 31st 2007
Jason Roberts sent in the capo'd version of Lousiana. Thanks!

February, 21st 2007
Jason Roberts sent additional chords for the middle eight of Electric Lash.

January, 6th 2007
Lots of new stuff arrived, thanks to Brian Smith and S.C.Odorn:
 - Space Needle
 - Overview
 - Easy
 - She'll Come Back For You Tomorrow
 - Pure Chance
 - The Dead Man's Dream
Brian also sent a little correction for Unified Field

December, 2nd 2006
First tabs for the Beside Yourself album: Crash/Ride. Many thanks to Allen Rendel.

October, 15th 2006
Brian Smith has sent in the first tabs for Marty's "Noctorum" side project: High As A Kite from the Sparks Lane album. Many thanks :-) .

August, 10th 2006
Ha! I had this in stock for a little while and had completely forgotten about it: the tabs for Unified Field

July, 27th 2006
Jeff Kendrick kindly sent the tabs for Out Of This World. Many thanks for that. And the bass tabs for Reptile have been added.

February, 12th 2006
Block EP, a first glimpse at the forthcoming album Uninvited Like The Clouds, has been released. And, unsurprisingly, Block has chords, of course. Equally simple chords has and equally great is Aura, one of my all-time favourites.

November, 5th 2005
Erik Eklund made a transcription of All I Know from El Momento Descuidado. That's the first song for that album here. Thanks, Erik.

March, 4th 2005
Found an old post from 1992 in Usenet which contains a detailed transcription of parts of Water

March, 3rd 2005
Added songs from Marty and more songs from All About Eve:
 - You Bring Your Love To Me
 - Will I Start To Bleed
 - Farewell Mr. Sorrow
 - Share it With Me
 - Rhythm Of Life
 - Are You Lonely

March, 2nd 2005
Got 3 brand new transcriptions from Brian Smith and Stefan Horlitz. And I found some tabs in the net. Here they are:
 - Song in Space
 - Sealine
 - Chromium
 - Outshine the Sun
 - Some Finer Day

February, 20th 2005
A little tweak for Telepath has been made by Brian Smith.

September, 15th 2004
Around two decades ago I bought the freshly released Remote Luxury. Now Deiby sent in the chords for the first Church-song I ever listened to: Constant In Opal. Many thanks for that.

November, 29th 2003
Forget Yourself is out! And oh, well, this is... I...I..., uh, I... what can I say... this... this is fantastic. I wish I was a CD-Player... (sigh). Ok. After dusting my guitar I tried a little bit and here's what came out: Telepath, Don't you fall and The theatre and its double.

February, 9th 2003
Many thanks to Brian Hutton, who found a transcription of Monday Morning made by Mick Anderson in the web .

January, 31st 2003
Has been quiet here for a while. Al Fasoli now sent me 3 transcriptions of songs from Marty's Spirit Level album: Even Rhough You Are My Friend, Adelle Yvonne and Will I Start to Bleed.
And: thanks to him we have our first tab from Hanging Out In Heaven on this site: Goodbye.

March, 23rd 2002
More stuff from After Everything Now This: Andy Perks and Purple Pagoda transcribed The Awful Ache together. Andy did a very detailed transcription of the solo from Almost With You as well - using some different chords than the other transcriptions of the song. Purple Pagoda made suggestions for some other chords for Radiance which fit better than the chords I found out, and he sent in the riff for Numbers.

February, 28th 2002
Here comes another one from John Hicks: Antenna.

February, 26th 2002
Fred fixed some bugs for Bel-Air and added the tabs for the solo guitars of the song.

February, 24th 2002
Another song from Hologram Of Baal has been added to this site: Louisiana. Many thanks to Fred, who sent this in.

February, 15th 2002
John Hicks kindly sent in the chords for Anaesthesia, and I figured out the chords for Song For The Asking

December, 19th 2001
Transcribed Numbers. Unbelievable song. Breathtaking. Outstanding. No more words...

December, 18th 2001
Steve's fantastic Dabble album is out and I will start trying to figure out some songs. Found a very simple one so far which I have added: Untitled Too

October, 4th 2001
I found a homepage with lots of tabs for All About Eve's songs. Their last two albums featured Marty on guitar, and it seems like the songs on that site have been transcribed thoroughly. If I find some time I will copy the stuff here, for the time being you can take a look at the Lyrics page of this Unofficial All About Eve Homepage.

September, 9th 2001
Sue sent in some tabs for Spark, and I found some songs on, which I copied here: Lullaby, Reptile, Tear It All Away, The Unguarded Moment (tabs for the guitar solo), Almost with You, Feel and All About Eve's Touched By Jesus

August, 5th 2001
Has been quite quiet here for a while. Out of the blue I figured out Radiance from the forthcoming new album. I always thought it would a difficult song to transcribe - but there are only a few chords there.

May 12th 2001
Noel transcribed The Night Is Very Soft, and I extracted Arabia from a chords tutorial written by Brian

April 23rd 2001
Here's another transcription by Noel: Steve's English Kiss

April 21st 2001
Noel made a transcription of Steve's Linda Wong

April 14th 2001
Added some missing chords in the tabs for This Asphalt Eden and the tabs for Marty's To Where I Am Know

March 13th 2001
Made 3 more transcriptions: Comedown, one of my favourites, and two from JackFrost: Providence and Didn't Know Where I Was (which is the current winner of the price for the most simple song on this page)

March 9th 2001
I made a transcription of "Civil War Lament" from Jack Frost. Simple but great song.

March 5th 2001
It's covers time! Brian Hutton transcribed two songs from Box Of Birds (Faith Healer, All The Young Dudes) and Ritz from MATS

March 2nd 2001
Added my transcription of "Nothing Inside"

March 1st 2001
The final version goes online with 101 songs altogether. I copied all songs available in the tabs & chords section on Shadow Cabinet and added them to this site - thanks to Brian Smith who allowed me to do this.

February 20th 2001
A little BETA version of this site is born to be downloaded with a tiny collection of 11 songs