What is it all about?

This site is an unofficial site containing transcriptions and chords of songs by the band The Church and other projects of band members.


Which status do the tabs & chords have?
Many of the songs are just transcribed as a series of chords. This is definitely an oversimplification of the song and is only intended to be a rough guide; something to get you started. Some of the songs are incomplete; parts with missing chords will be marked.


How are the songs organized?
Simple. Really simple. On the left you have a navigator to look through the albums. On the top bar you have a couple of links leading to some special pages. You can find a song by flipping through albums in the navigator or by the alphabetically sorted songlist. You can always click on the title of a song you found and its album will appear in the navigator.


What about the lyrics?
All lyrics mentioned here have not been checked and might be flawed. They are only intended to give you an imagination of how to play along the songs and are often incomplete. Songs with a simple chords progression will often not have any lyrics. For a good collection of lyrics go to Mike Fulmer's lyric's page.


How can I contribute?
I've got the impression that quite a lot of church-fans play guitar in some way and want to play along their songs. So if you have worked out a song or have suggestions don't hesitate to email me. If there are discussions about the right chords in a song I'll try to integrate that into the page of the song.


How are these pages viewed best?
With a browser :) Really, nothing special needed to view it, no JavaScript, no other fancy plugins.


If the English sounds a bit awkward...
Since I'm not a native english-speaker something on one of these pages might sound a bit awkward. If you find a mistake, please email it to me.